Raw Color — Colour Profiles

Braun, Mark (Prof.)    Produktdesign  Industriedesign  Workshop  2016/2017 WS  


The appearance of objects and materials can be totally transformed by the application of colour. In this workshop we are investigating the relationship between shape and colour by applying it on wood and metal profiles. These profiles could be square, round, solid, hollow... A colour palette of 5 shades will be defined, that can be contrasting, complementary, light shades...

The next step is to transform the colour profiles into a three dimensional structure that can be considered as piece of furniture or spatial intervention. If necessary additional sheet materials can be applied to the piece complementing the functionality and overall colour scheme. This will be a hands on workshop in the studio and workshop environment.


Teilnehmende Studierende:

Hannah Dietel

Nicole Fleisch

Eleonora Fomina

Helen Wiehr



Studio Raw Color


organisiert von:

Prof. Mark Braun