Akbal, Mert | Detzler, Burkhard (Prof.) | Kurdali, Bassam (Gastprof.)
Freie Kunst, Kommunikationsdesign, Master Freie Kunst, Master Kommunikationsdesign, Master Media Art & Design, Master Produktdesign, Media Art and Design, Produktdesign
Workshop-Woche (Atelierprojekt kurz, 8 ECTS)
Beginn: 22.05.18
Ende: 26.05.18

10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00

OrtE-Haus Game Lounge (1.05)
LeistungskontrolleVorlage und Präsentation von Projektergebnissen
Erreichbare Creditpoints8

In this workshop animator and filmmaker Bassam Kurdali (director of "Elephants Dream") will give insights to animation tools of Blender. The workshop will be on english and it is open both to beginners and advanced Blender users.



5 day workshop introduction to procedural animation with Blender, through a project to make abstract animations known as wobs/weird object ballets. Familiarity with Blender or 3D programs is helpful, but we begin with a quick introduction to the program, and dive into ways to animate using built-in tools as well as through the interesting Animation Nodes addon. Animation Nodes lets us make complex animations by visually connecting nodes in a graph. We'll learn how to add procedural animation and unpredictability via noise and mathematical functions, as well as using human input and puppeteering directly with a pen or mouse. We'll do things in 3D and in 2D, using the grease pencil tool which allows us to make 2D animations that live in the 3D scene. For rendering our animations we'll use Cycles (a powerful pathtracer that comes with Blender) and introduce EeVee, the experimental realtime renderer that will fully debut with the next major Blender version. In this workshop we embrace the unexpected, and learn by 'breaking' things to make art.


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